Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Our Festive House & weight update

I decided to take a few photos of our Christmas decorations and share them with you. I am a rubbish photographer so don't expect spectacular pictures lol! The girls mainly decorated, I just altered a few things (having ALL the decorations around the bottom of the tree doesn't look to great!).

The girls tree in their bedroom :-)

My Minnie Mouse in our tree

The mistletoe hangs above the kitchen door

I love these little reindeer, we got a pack of about ten for £1.50 from Tesco

This Santa sleigh mean alot to me. It was my Nan's, she had it for years before she died and I still have its original box with her writing on it.

My stocking :-)

I love looking at everyones Christmas decorations so if you have posted any on your blog let me know!

Weight Update-
I reluctantly weighed myself today. I was really worried as for the past few weeks I haven't exercised much (various reasons). I have also eaten things I wouldn't normally have like a chicken burger from McDonalds, chips on a night out and a pizza from Domino's! All this in the past 3 weeks was surely going to lead to some weight gain. But no! I have infact lost 4 pounds, yay! This gives me a BMI of 24 making me in the "normal" range. I still have 10lbs to lose until i am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight but i am feeling much more positive about it now :-)


  1. We don't put our Christmas decorations up until nearer to Christmas :-( Looking at yours has put me in a festive mood!!

    The girls tree is so cute!! I want one for my room :-)

  2. Your house looks so lovely and festive! The only decorations we have up in mine are the Christmas tree and lights on our living room window. I want a little christmas tree for my bedroom :)

    Congrats on the weight loss aswell! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Love your stocking. So stylish !! :)

  4. Becks, the girls little pink tree was £5 from Tesco :-)
    Thanks Frances, I can't believe I didn't put weight on! Its weird how the body works.

  5. Your decorations look lovely =]

    Sarah xx

  6. Jelaous!!! :) Your stocking is so thoughtful! ;) X


  7. Thanks :-) we are off shopping today to get some more decorations for the tree. Alfie pulled the whole thing over and some of the baubles broke so its looking a little bare at the moment!
    My mum bought me the stocking for christmas a few years ago, she knows me so well. Leopard print and heels are two of my favourite things.

  8. love your decorations! Xx Snow globes are awesome! Xx


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