Friday, 30 December 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 26, An Item from your wish list

As there has already been a "to buy list" post during the 30 day challenge I have decided today's challenge will be a post on something I really want but will probably never have and that is a VW Beetle in red... Yes I know it isn't beauty related but this is one thing that I would absolutely LOVE.

I don't currently drive, I had about 15 lessons last year and was nowhere near being good enough to take my theory test. My anxiety played a big part too, before each lesson I'd feel sick and panicky and my nerves got the better of me each time. Then the wedding drew nearer and money got tighter so I stopped having lessons.
I WILL drive eventually, I need to! 
When I do finally pass though I won't be having a Beetle, 3 kids won't fit into the back of it with their bulky car seats so it wouldn't be very practical :-(

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