Thursday, 15 December 2011

[ Insert swearing here ]

I wanted the title to be a whole line of profanities but thought some readers might be offended...
I need to de-stress, let off some steam, chill out, calm down.... you get the picture.

Me and Mr.A have argued quite a bit lately, over money. MONEY!... I hate the stuff, it causes more arguments in our relationship that anything else. Whenever things start to get a bit tight towards the end of the month Mr.A decides he wants to save. Fine by me but Christmas is in just over a week and we've had presents to buy! Each week we have to get petrol and food, a couple of quid is spent here and there and before you know it your skint. This happens to us EVERY week, even more so since the Christmas present buying began. I'm sick of having the same disputes with him, nothing changes. Why can't we just be good with our money and save?! I guess I'm just frustrated at the moment, Mr.A is too and we take it out on eachother.

What prompted this post was something really silly... Since we got Alfie (Springer Spaniel puppy for those that might not know) he has managed to put holes in every single pair of leggings that I have by jumping up in excitement and nipping. I've had to buy new pairs of leggings and I put on a brand new pair today. I came downstairs and what does he do? Yes, you got it... jumped right up and caught them causing a hole. Can I find a needle and thread? No. So me being the idiot that I am, got out the "Shoe Goo" (super sticky silicone glue) and decided to glue them back together from the inside. I've left them to dry, who knows what they will turn out like. If I've ruined them I will punch myself.

Another thing that's really irritated me today is to do with calling Mr.A. Why is it, that when you reaalllyy want to speak to someone they never answer? Then other times they ring you at the most inappropriate moments! I wanted to talk to try chill out or get him to promise me a needle and thread when he gets home. But instead I get answer phone, I bet he's in camp playing his Xbox, lazy sod.

On a happier note, I cant wait for Christmas day! Seeing the kids excited little faces as they spot all the presents Santa has left under the tree makes me emotional every time. I'm not looking forward to all the wrapping though, I am the worlds worst wrapper, seriously. I literally just roll the present up in the paper then cover it in tape, a 2 year old could wrap better than me. We are going to my mums on Christmas Day and staying for a week, its a 3 hour drive but I'm thinking the roads will be empty, fingers crossed that they are.

I'm going to end this post with some Christmas photo's to cheer me up :-)
(I apologise in advance for the last photo but it made me giggle!)

Hahaha, sorrrrrrryyy!

EDIT- I forgot to add I lost my LUSH virginity on tuesday! Can you believe I have never entered a Lush store before? The overpowering smell has always put me off. However, after seeing so many bloggers writing about their products I decided to go in. I think I must have been looking a bit lost (plus it was so crowded in there!) because a lady came over and asked if I needed help. I told her I wanted something for my lips as they are so dry, she showed me some bubblegum lip scrub, it smelt amazing so I bought it. Then Lily spotted one of the pink star wands for the bath, the lady gave us a demo and Lily asked me to buy it so I did (she also asked if she could eat it and was less than amused when I said no and laughed at her). I only bought the two items as i wasn't meant to be shopping for me. I am very impressed with both though and shall definitely be going back after Christmas :-)

(I couldn't be bothered to photograph them myself  (lazy bum) so have used the pictures from the Lush website)


  1. Aw we all have shit days like this! Try not to get too down. Men are annoying at the best of times and DAMN are they incapable of answering their bloody phones! Concentrate on xmas and all that lovely stuff hun hope you feel better soon!


  2. I have the bubblegum lip scrub! Had it since last christmas and its still going strong :) Its yummy :) And the fairy wand is on my christmas list!
    I hope things start looking up next week.. its good to have a little bloggy rant sometimes :) xx

  3. Thanks ladies. I went and had my hair cut earlier and just got back from Zumba and I'm feeling much better now :-)

  4. hehe its funny, whenever i'm feeling down I always go get my haircut! Its like they cut all the stress away :) Glad you are feeling better!

  5. I love the lush bubblegum lip scrub, mine has lasted me a whole year!
    Im always worrying about money too and never seem to be able to save anymore, blame the kids! haha. I hope you have a lovely christmas with your family x

  6. Aww thanks Nikkay and right back at ya! :-)


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