Friday, 2 December 2011

New purchases

I actually bought the leggings and dress a few weeks ago now but only just decided to show you. The make-up was purchased from Morrison's yesterday, i always have a peek at the make-up section when we go food shopping.

Sparkly leggings on the left, £8 from Matalan. Shiny leggings on the right, £15 from Next.

Close up of my sparkly leggings :-) I love these!

Burgundy Asymmetric Chiffon Dress, £25 from

I bought a Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream before in a different colour and liked it so much i decided to get another, this time in "Powder Puff", £2.99.

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip eye liner in purple, £2.99 (i think!)

The tip is sturdy and has a nice point to it. I found it very easy to apply and get a good flick. I will definitely purchase this in the other colours available.

Left- Cream puff. Right- Felt tip liner.

"Powder Puff" on my lips. This particular shade showed up the dryness of my lips quite badly even with a lip balm underneath. I had to exfoliate and moisturise like a crazy woman, then apply.

Lets throw in a FOTD...

Here i am wearing the lip cream and eyeliner as above, along with...
Nivea Visage tinted moisturiser.
Vivo blusher and highlighter.
HD brows.
Dior mascara in black.


  1. I really like those sparkly leggings, I just have boring black ones but these are really nice :) Dior Mascaras are my favourites, I love Diorshow! x

  2. Oh i definitely love the dress! and the sparkling leggings look nice too :)

  3. The asymmetric dress is gorge!! I can't wait to see it featured in look of the day , perhaps?? :)

  4. fantastic haul! really loving the shiny leggins, and you have really pretty eyes. :)

    have a great wknd!

  5. Love the dress, it's beautiful :) xx

  6. That burgundy dress looks amazing!

  7. It is a lovely dress, only thing is it nips in just above my belly button and i think it makes my belly look rounded. Mr.A says it doesnt but im very self concious about my tummy after having 3 kids. Im determined to wear it though, its so pretty x


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