Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Get to Know Me TAG

After a hectic evening I've decided to chill out and read some blogs. I came across this, thought it might be fun to do. Let me know if you do one too, I like to get to know my fellow bloggers :-)

Vital Statistics:
*Name - Holli
*Nicknames - Hol
*Birthday - 3rd January
*Place of Birth - Burton Upon Trent, UK
*Zodiac Sign - Capricorn
*Male or Female - Female
*Occupation - Full time mommy


*Hair Colour - Dark brown with a hint of red
*Hair Length - Short crop
*Eye Colour - Bluey green
*Best Feature - Hair
*Height - 5'5"
*Braces - Never had them
*Glasses - I have some that are just for watching t.v /  seeing things far away
*Piercings - Ears once
*Tattoos - Stars going down my back with a heart at the top, a matching tatoo of the word "Gypsy" in hebrew with my best friend (our nickname for eachother, we are not gypsys though!)
*Righty of Lefty - Righty


Your "Firsts":
*First Best Friend - Ermmm I think a girl called Kimberley in reception
*First Award - Oh crikey i don't know, probably something in primary school
*First Sport You Joined - None, i hated sports
*First Real Vacation - Spain when i was 18
*First Concert - Pink


*Movie - Disneys The Little Mermaid
*TV Show - True Blood
*Colour - Red
*Song - Thats a hard one, ermm... probably Evanescence, My Immortal. Such a moving song.
*Candy - I'm more of a chocoholic
*Restaurant - TGI Fridays
*Store - H&M
*Book - Busters Diaries (i think thats its name) It a book written by a dog lol
*Magazine - More magazine
*Shoes - My Christian Louboutins


*Feeling - Anxious to go shopping
*Single or Taken - Married
*Eating - Nothing
*Listening to - The hum of the laptop
*Thinking about - Going to bed
*Wanting - To get all my Christmas shopping finished
*Watching - Nothing
*Wearing - My big baggy granny nighty! (its comfy and husbands not here so why not?)


*Want children? - I have 3
*Want to be married - I am
*Careers in mind - Foster Carer
*Where do you want to live - Anywhere where my friends and family are


Do You Believe In:
*God - No
*Miracles - No
*Love at first sight - Not love but attraction
*Ghosts - Not sure
*Aliens - I think so
*Soul Mates - Yup
*Heaven - No
*Hell - No
*Kissing on the first date - If it feels right
*Yourself - Unfortunately no, even though I should


  1. always nice to find out a little more about you! X

  2. I remember doing things like this when myspace was all the rage lol x


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