Saturday, 24 December 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 22, Beauty tips for a big night out

I can't believe its Christmas Eve already, it has come round so quick. It doesn't seem that long ago that I went into labour with my son Ozzy and said I couldn't wait for his first Christmas but it seemed so far away. Now Santa will be squeezing down out chimneys (or in our house, using the magic Santa key to get through the door) in 12 hours time. I can't wait for the kids to wake up in the morning and see all their presents under the tree :-)

Anyway, onto today's Beauty Challenge, here are my (own personal) tips for a big night out-

- Fake tan. I cannot leave the house without fake tan and I certainly wouldn't get my bare legs out without a bit of brown. Some people looks great pale but I do not. I have seen so many girls who I think would look far better with a bit of colour on them. It makes you look healthier, slimmer and can help hide stretch marks and blemishes. 

- False eyelashes. I LOVE false eyelashes for special occasions. They make your eyes look so much bigger and are so glamorous. I'm not a big fan of the spider eyes that some girls do by putting on layers and layers of dried up mascara (or the great big HUGE drag queen false lashes!) Falsies are a much more classy way of achieving longer lashes.

-Heels. Flats are comfy yes, but who wants to be the dumpy midget in your group of girls at the bar? I'm all for changing into flats at the end of the night whilst trying to hail a cab or walking miles back home in a drunken state but heels are a must for the club. They make your legs longer, slimmer and you walk much more feminine (well, I say that but I have seen quite a few ladies in heels walking like they have a rod up their ar$e) Heels don't have to be sky scraper high (although this is what I prefer to wear myself), there are some really nice smaller heels available. My friend had a pair for Marks and Spencers (yes really!) and they were so pretty, really comfortable too apparently.

- Take miniatures. If you tend to get a bit sweaty, take a mini deodorant with you, no-body wants to dance next to a B.O monster. I like to carry a small perfume, mirror and lip gloss too. I always take out a little purse just for my I.D and change. I separate my house key from all my other keys just in case I somehow manage to lose my bag and always put this in the zip part of my bag to keep it safe.


  1. I agree about the heels.. I often take a sneaky pair of flats if I'm taking a bigger bag to change into at the end of the night walking home! Hope you and your family are having a lovely Christmas :) x

  2. Great tips :) I always take a pair of flats with me on a night out when wearing heels too! Xx


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