Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bank Love

3 posts in one day!? I do apologise if I'm clogging up your reading list.
I went shopping to Teeside Retail Park the other day and tried on two fabulous dresses in Bank. They aren't a style I would normally go far so I don't know what drew me to them. I fell in love with them both but unfortunately couldn't afford to buy them (I knew I shouldn't have gone in!). I decided to look them up online when i got home so i could "accidently on purpose" leave them on the laptop screen for Mr.A to see :-D 

Whilst browsing i came across a few other lovely items...

Numbers 1 and 3 are the gorgeous dresses I tried on. Aren't they pretty?


  1. That skull jumper is gorgeous! It's items like that that are pushing me to diet.. i need these things in my life. I love all these things :] xx

  2. I love all of the things on this list, dress 1 is my favourite, it's gorgeous!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. wowies! Need the dresses and jumper!

  4. Both the dresses are even nicer in the flesh, the photos don't do them justice.

  5. Updates are just nice! Keep it up .. x

  6. Oh the No. 1 dress number is divine. :) So pretty! Keep on BLOGGING! X


  7. I love the no 1 dress :) and that jumper with the skull on it Xx


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