Friday, 30 December 2011

Fostering update

As some of you may know from previous posts I enquired to become a foster carer. A lady from Social Services visited me and told me to wait for a letter with the training dates. I received this letter just before Christmas, the training dates are every Wednesday evening, 6pm - 9pm for 9 weeks. Unfortunately the training is for both me and Mr.A and as he works unpredictable hours in the Army we won't be able to go :-( Not only that but living up North with no friends or family, there isn't anyone to look after the children whilst the training took place. I am gutted, I was really looking forward to taking the next steps to becoming a foster carer.
There is still a chance I could become one though... we move back to our home town in Summer 2012 so I am going to apply again.

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  1. Oh no!
    My parents were thinking about doing it too but as my dad is a smoker they wasn't allowed ):
    It can be so upsetting when you know you could offer a child a loving home, but as you said there is still a chance!


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