Monday, 5 December 2011

30 day Challenge- Day 3, My Hairstyle

Been as there are a few pictures on here of my current hairstyle I thought I would alter today's challenge a little. I'm going to show you my past hairstyles leading up to the one I have now.... 

The hairstyle i had in high school was very long with a thick, long full fringe. It was hideous but i was obsessed with brushing it every 5 minutes.

Me with Willow just a few weeks old. Age- 17.

I had the above hairstyle for ages until one day i decided to take everyone's advice and get rid of the full fringe along with some length...

Age- 18

After losing some weight and deciding the no fringe look wasn't for me, i had more length cut off, some layers put in and opted for a side fringe... much better!

Age- 19

I got bored of having longer hair quite quickly and decided (after ALOT of umming and ahhing) to go for the ever so popular inverted bob (inspired by Victoria Beckham)...

Age- 20 (pictured here with my newborn nephew Harvey)

Not longer after the above photo i got pregnant with baby number 2 and the weight piled on. I decided that the inverted bob made my face look bigger so i grew it a little and this was the result...

Age- 21

Alot of people liked my hair that way but the weight started to drop off and I took a liking to Rihannas short hair.....

So I asked the hairdresser for this...

(I had it spiked a little here to go with the edgy vampire look that i was sporting for Halloween)
Age- 22

I decided to grow my hair a little bit for my wedding in September 2010 and this style stayed up until a few months ago...

Age- 22

After my 3rd baby, losing weight and seeing Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays going for a much shorter crop, I have ended up with my current style....

Age- 23

So there's my hair stylesfrom the past few years. I definitely think short hair suits me way better, I have no plans going any longer again and this shorter crop shall be sticking around for some time :-)


  1. Short hair really suits you, I love all of those cropped styles on you :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I love your current hair!! I think it suits you beautifully :)))

  3. Love your short hair! I wish I was brave enough to get hair like that :) xo

  4. How cute are you HS pictures? I looked terribly awkward in high school! You are gorgeous! Love the pixi on you!

  5. Lovely different styles!
    Laur x

  6. Your latest look is GORGEOUS! Wish I dared get a chop like that, i love it :-) xx

  7. I love your hair (like i say in nearly every comment haha) I hated the full fringe when I had it, too much work X

  8. Wow you're so lucky to be gorgeous enough to pull off such an edgy hairstyle! I love the short look on you!


  9. wow, this short crop suits you so well! Don't think many people can pull it off or are even brave enough to try but you look amazing with it x

  10. Thanks everyone. Im so glad i had it cut, i was worried it might give me a potato head lol x

  11. You look lovely with short hair :) Xx


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