Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Toni & Guy Dark Brunette conditioner

I picked this conditioner up in Home Bargains (for those of you that don't know, its a store like B&M that sells just about everything for less) for about £1.50. It retails at about £4.99 so it was definitely a bargain.
When I got home I looked for it online but could only find it on ebay so I'm guessing it is dis-continued. However, whilst browsing I did find a red brunette conditioner by Toni & Guy. I think this would be more suited to me as I have a lot of red tones to my hair, although Home Bargains didn't have this one.

The bottle says: Toni & Guy's colour enhancing range is designed to positively charge (+) your colour with tone intensifying, shade specific care. Promotes radiance and shine and targets dryness with selective conditioning. With Olive Oil, UV filter and heat protection complex."

I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks now so the writing has rubbed off.

I was so suprised when I first squeezed some product into my hands. I've never seen a conditioner with gold sparkles in it before. They are only subtle, but very pretty. 

I'm 50/50 on the smell, it reminds me of something but I can't think what exactly. It's quite strong and a little bit "perfumey" (is that even a word?!). I don't dislike it but I don't love it either.
I left the conditioner on my hair for a good 5 minutes before washing out. My hair felt quite squeaky while it was still wet but after blow drying it became more pleasant. It didn't have a great smoothing effect, infact my hair was quite wild and took quite a bit of smoothing serum to tame it. However, my hair feels very moisturized and soft right now and certainly nice and shiny :-)
I can't really say my colour has intensified, but that could be because my hair is more red brown than dark brunette.

Have you tried anything from the Toni & Guy colour enhancing range?


  1. I must see if they do this for light brown/blonde hair it looks fab! x

  2. I find the toni and guy products to be a bit hit and miss but I really want to keep trying more from their range :) Xx


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