Saturday, 17 March 2012

My little Next boy

I love Next, especially for the childrens clothes. It has a reputation for being quite pricey but the quality and design of Next clothing is always amazing. My little boy, Ozzy, is a rather chunky little fella and I've found that most trousers and jeans don't fit him around the waist. The only brand that fits him perfectly is Next so most of his clothes come from there. I love how stylish they are, many of the items could easily be worn by a grown male and look on trend! I get so excited when I walk into the little boys section, its hard to restrain myself from blowing all my dosh on new outfits.
A recent trip into town resulted in Ozzy being spoilt again, only with a few things.. but I thought he looked so cute I had to share them with you.

Monkey hat- Next £5
Blue chinos- Next £9

Top- Next £7
Jeans- Next £12

I also bought him some cute little espadrilles for the summer, they're a bit too big for him at the moment.


  1. Awk you have such a handsome little chap. My wee boy is quite the size too, he's only 9months, yet wearing clothes for a year lol I absolutely love Next.

  2. He's adorable hun!! Aww.. and thanks for your comment.. xxx

  3. Such a little cutie - he looks adorable. I love looking at kids clothes and I don't even have kids haha! x

  4. Awwww he looks so cute :) Xx

  5. Thanks girls. When I was pregnant and knew we were having a boy I couldnt find any boys clothes I liked, everything I was drawn to was pink and frilly lol. I'm loving "boy" shopping now though :)

  6. He is such a cutie. I need to admit-clothes for Little boys are so beautiful. I love shopping for my son. He is tall and slim, but very very heavy boned and weights a ton ;)

  7. OMG Holli, he is absolutely gooorgeous and looks sooo much like you!!! God bless him and you <3

  8. hes such a little cutie pieee :) His little blue chinos - AWWW :) Next have some lovely kids stuff - just bought my friend's little girl a little flowery playsuit from there :) xx

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  10. Aw what an absolute cutie!! Love the little monkey hat :) xx


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