Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Beach Balm

Before my hospital appointment yesterday (post on that coming up) I popped into B&M for some barbecue supplies,I'm praying the nice weather will stay around for the weekend!. As always I looked in the beauty section, hoping to pick up some Wet n Wild natural lip shimmers for a giveaway but they had none! I then spotted this....

Hawaiian Tropic Beach Balm: SPF 6, coconut oil and beta-carotene blended with mango butter.
It promises to enhance natural golden tan, contains vitamins A, C and E to nourish the skin, absorbs UVA and UVB and is intensely hydrating.
For £2.49 I had to buy it.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't this, the balm is quite solid and when rubbed in its very much like vasline, but...


Think holiday, beaches, coconut scented sun cream, cocktails, Malibu....

I actually want to eat it.

Whilst rubbing it into my skin I felt like I was in a hotel room in Barbados preparing myself for a long, lazy day on the beach (I bloody wish!).

Only downside is, its a little greasy but I didn't give a monkeys. My usually very dry skin felt soft and supple and had a gorgeous sheen to it...

I applied this all over my body last night and this morning my skin is still REALLY moisturized. I can still smell the amazing scent too.
The beta-carotene ingredients got me wondering if this might have fake tan properties to it but on further research (Google) I don't think it does. The beta-carotene is the chemical found in carrots, its what gives them their orange colour. I think, mixed with the sunshine it enhances your skins own tanning capabilities.
SPF 6 is pretty crap to be honest, you wouldn't want to use this as your main sun protection but its nice to know it protects you to a certain extent.

I have now added Hawaiian Tropic beach balm to my tanning routine :-D

Available from B&M, RRP £2.49 (I think!)


  1. sounds amazing... I wish we could buy it here in Ireland! x Marina

  2. It sounds as though it smells amazing! I want to try it just for that factor!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  3. The smell alone would make me want to buy that! xx

    1. Its amazing, I can STILL smell it lightly on my skin now! x

  4. I love the scent of Hawaiian tropic products - what an absolute bargain! x

  5. i love this using it for 5 years already...its amazing...


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