Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blooming beautiful!

Something is bugging me at the moment. Well, its been bugging me for awhile if I'm honest.
Every time I see an article, either online, tv or in a magazine about Jessica Simpson it is about how fat/huge/massive/big she is.

Image from Dailymail.co.uk

I would just like to say she is NOT FAT, she is PREGNANT. Her womb currently has a BABY inside it.
What do people not understand this?

Just because she used to be a skinny minny doesn't mean that she won't ever gain weight! 
I think its great she is embracing her pregnancy and not sticking to punishing exercise regimes or restricted diets. 
She has apparantly admitted to eating "everything in sight" and so what? Her body obviously wants to. My body craved red meat and coke whilst pregnant, two thing I NEVER eat normally. So what if shes gained weight? Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy! Its needed for breastfeeding and is natures way of preparing for babys arrival.

Jessica looks lovely and I am so happy to see a "normal" pregnant celebrity.
Yes, there are just as many naturally thin ladies that don't gain much weight during pregnancy, but this doesn't mean that EVERY woman has to stay thin. I certainly didn't!

Me full term with Ozzy, July last year.

Me full term with Lily, February 2009

See? I was HUGE! I put weight on all over my body, 3 stone to be exact. Yes I was eating more, but I didn't eat excessively. I exercised too, but still gained, its just natures way!
And so what? Who cares? My baby was healthy, I had great births and the weight soon came off after.

If you're skinny and pregnant, great! I'm happy for you!
If your bigger and pregnant, thats great too!

As long as you're healthy, baby too...thats all that matters surely?


  1. It was same with Mariah Carey , all that stupid talking that she is just fat. eh. Im sure Jessica straight after pregnancy will go back to her bangin figure anyways . I am surprised my pregnancy is going pretty "small"


    1. Oh yes I forgot about all the "hoo-har" surrounding Mariah's pregnancy! x

  2. great post hun.. this is soo true.. i dont know if the genuily dont understand that its normal to get bigger when your pregnant, they probably just want to get "news" and drama.. x

    1. Yeah you're right, and if not, it was most likely a single childless man that wrote the article! x

  3. I am always happy to see giant baby bumps :) Mine was absolutely enormous and people were saying that obviously I am stuffing my face. I wasn't! I had oedema and I couldn't even wear shoes! My baby boy was born weighting 9lb 10oz.
    It didn't help that my sister in law was pregnant at the same time and gained a total of 5lb, and didn't even look pregnant :/
    I was really upset that people had a cheek to say awful things to me.

    1. It's so hurtful isn't it. My husband step dad used to think it was funny to call me "fatty". It used to really upset me but he still carried on.x

  4. Jessica Simpson looks gorgeous x

  5. I love seeing huge babdy bumps it makes me so broody, I hope I'm as big as a house when I have a baby! I'd love a huge bump! Such a great post, well said! Xx

  6. Yes, something that bugs me too! So annoying how society isn't flexible. Good post!

  7. I completely agree with you, I hate that they refer to her as fat when she's just pregnant. I was watching Fashion Police on E this weekend and they were talking about how she shouldn't wear clothes with so much ruffles when she's that huge and the male perspective on the show (I think his name is George) he was eating a snack that Jessica likes and he made a statement that it tastes so good that he'll be bigger than Jessica at the end of the show. I was so annoyed when I heard him say that. Those kinds of statements will make pregnant woman feel insecure with their bodies in a time when they're supposed to be loving it.


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