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Guest post- A Mother and Daughter Spa Day Party


One thing that can help to bond a mother and daughter is a spa day party.  You can even do it as a group with a few of your friends and their daughters.  It not only helps you two have a fun day together, but you get to teach your daughter about skin care, health and introduce her to things like make up and help her move forward with growing up.  Here are some fun ideas for your own spa day party which you can do either with a group of friends or just the two of you.   

Matching robes to start the day:  

One of the things everyone thinks of with a spa is a nice comfy robe.  If you already have one great, if you need a girls bathrobe, you can find them available at numerous stores.  You should try to find one that matches yours so you can have a couple of fun pictures of your day as well.   


After you are ready for your day of pampering, start off with a fruit salad for breakfast and also take some other fruits like dried organges, pineapple and apricots and dip them in chocolate to dry for a snack for later.   

Face masks: 

After breakfast it is time to energize and wake up your skin.  My favorite way to do this is to use a mud mask.  There are two types that I enjoy for this.  The first one is an all natural dead sea mud mask  that I believe is hyper allergenic and safe for most skin types.  I use that one to clean out my skin and work on acne or other skin issues.  The next one I use is the Mario Badescu Cucumber and Tonic mask.  This one tightens up on your skin and then hardens.  I love it because it lifts your skin, makes it feel tighter and firmer and it also removes all blackheads when I use it.   

Now that your face is energized and you’re starting to wake up, it’s time for our first spa game.  Nailpolish Roulette.   


What you do for this is pair up with another mother and daughter and everyone picks two bottles of nail polish.  Now you write down the numbers 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3 on separate pieces of paper and set one by each color randomly.  The other option is to place them in a hat.  Now, the person whose turn it is spins a bottle on the ground and whatever color it lands on, she has to paint either 1, 2 or 3 nails that color, depending on what number she picked from a hat or was next to the bottle.  Once everyone’s toe and finger nails are painted, the game is over.  The trick to winning is to get all of your nails painted first.  The hard part is that if you only have one or two nails left and you get a higher number than nails you have left, you lose your turn.   


There is nothing better after facials and nails than a fun lunch.  Since the chocolate dipped fruit should now be dry and ready to take off the wax paper, you can place those in the middle of the table and do a fun salad for lunch with fruits like strawberries and a light vinaigrette dressing.  Then for dessert you can have the chocolate covered fruits.  Another fun thing to add to this is sparkling non alcoholic juice for the kids and to have a toast to a girls spa day with them.   

Hair and Face: 

For the afternoon, you can focus on hair and makeup.  Start with your hair and let your daughter choose a style for you and you choose a style for her.  Then find instructions on how to create that style online and then you should do each other’s hair.  After your hair is done you can then work on your faces.   

I recommend looking up two or three makeup styles that match the hairdo and finding instructions on how to create them by looking online for instructions.  Then when your hair and makeup are now done, it’s time to go and have a fabulous dinner with your daughter to finish bonding for the day.  Let her choose her favorite restaurant, or you can choose to make a dinner together and enjoy it alone with each other in the dining room.   

Spa days are the perfect days for girls and moms to be able to bond with each other.  Your daughter will learn how to take care of her skin and you’ll be able to see how much your daughter is growing up.  Spa days are some of the most memorable and something that both you and your daughter can look forward to every year.   

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Adam writes for numerous even and party sites about weddings, broadway shows and works with tons of vendors including ones for kids pajamas, skin care and hair care wholesalers.   

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