Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To all my followers....

I'm sure most of you are aware than Google Friend Connect is going (boooo!). For non blogger users it has already gone, but for those of us who do use blogger it is to be gone in a few months (as far as I am aware, please correct me if I'm wrong!) So please please please follow me via Bloglovin. It only takes a second to click below and I'd be so so greatful.

Follow Dragon Mommy

Edit: I heard the above from a fellow blogger and have been scouring the internet like a crazy lady trying to find out if the removal of GFC for blogger users is 100% certain. I can't find anything that says this is true, lets hope its not! I'd still appreciate being followed via Bloglovin though, just incase!


  1. What GFC is going for all of us?!


  2. Following you on bloglovin! :) such a shame that theyre doing this xx

  3. Yolanda, i read on someones blog earlier that gfc is going completley in a few months. Will try and find the post for you x

    1. Found it!

  4. Following you on bloglovin huni Xx


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