Sunday, 12 February 2012

Loreal Intense lipstick for brunettes & Glam Shine Diamant

Sorry its been a while since I posted. We are still staying at my mums so I have been quite busy all week. We are throwing a little party for Lily today to celebrate her 3rd birthday (which is the 16th). She is so excited. I thought I'd squeeze a little post in before I start cooking the food. These are my mums new purchases but I love them so much I'm going to buy for myself! 

Left- Loreal Intense lipstick in shade 371 for brunettes (excuse the mashed up end, my mum's used this religiously the past few days), right- Loreal Glam Shine Diamant in shade 170 Nude Carat.

Lipstick on the left, gloss on the right.

 I was worried from looking at the bottle that the gloss would be rather dark but to my suprise it isn't. It has such a gorgeous glittery finish and sparkles amazingly in the light. My camera couldn't pick up the sparkles very well but believe me its so pretty! I love the fact this gloss isn't sticky or greasy, it makes my lips feel soft and I don't get the urge to wipe it all off in annoyance.

Wow... I friggin love this lipstick! It is such a gorgeous coral colour and looks amazing with a tan. I can't wait to wear it in the summer.  It isn't drying and doesn't highlight any cracks (which I have plenty of at the moment!) it glides on smoothly and lasts AGES. I tried scrubbing it off to give Mr.A a kiss (I HATE getting lipstick shmushed all over my face) and it would not budge!

Glam shine Diamant lipgloss is available here for £7.99
Intense lipstick available here for £8.19

Have you tried either of these before?


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour! Your little girl sounds very sweet :)

  2. ive got the glam lipgloss and i am not a big lipgloss fan bt this one is amazing you should totally get it ;)

  3. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you x

  4. Love the lipstick!!!
    (have you received my package yet??! :))

    1. Hi Alex, I haven't been home yet, we are staying at my mums but going back tonight. Will let you know when I get it. X

  5. Very pretty! Happy birthday to lily :)

    x x x

  6. Happy birthday to Lily even if it is shamefully late! I haven't tried either of those lippies but they look lovely on you, such nice colours Xx


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