Friday, 17 February 2012

Technology disaster

So my laptop has been on the blink for awhile now, the keyboard didn't work, neither did the mouse. My ipad charger broke then the new one turned out to be fake and took about 3 days to charge 5%! Then to top it all off my phone charger decided to stop working. So now we have no computer and no phone. I have my ipad though and luckily a new charger arrived today but i cant use it to post pictures. We have a new computer on the way so fingers crossed i can blog properly soon. I've just made two purchases from new CID cosmetics and can't wait to show you.


  1. arrgh nightmare! Our laptop was down last night and I so missed it! Look forward to seeing your purchases x

  2. Oh no! Such a shame.... these things always happen in 3's.

  3. Oh no these things always seem to happen all at once! So frustrating not having a computer/phone when you need to do something.. hope you get them sorted soon! :)

    Caroline x


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