Thursday, 23 February 2012

New CID cosmetics- my purchases

My best friend came to stay with me for a few days last week. I managed to get her to take the plunge and get her haircut at the salon by me. She is terrified of having her hair cut, its super long and she hardly ever has a trim. It was in desperate need of a re-style. Whilst she was in there I had a look at the New CID cosmetics stand. I was instantly drawn to the i-glow compact shimmer powder, then of course the lipsticks....
Here's what I ended up buying...

Lipstick in Dusk, i-glow compact shimmer in Coral Crush.

I love the fact the lipstick has a mirror on it, then a button on the end which turns on a little light!

Perfect for applying in the dark on a night out!

How beautiful is this?!

Swatched... the camera couldn't quite pick up on the beautiful gold shimmer that runs through the coral compact powder. Believe me, it is so stunning! I have used it all over my face for a glow, and also as a blush.

Excuse my hideously dry lips! Even though the lipstick was moisturizing (it went on lovely by the way) my lips still look dry, no amount of exfoliating and lip balm is helping! :-(

I really wish I could have bought some more items from New CID but they are quite pricey. The only thing that disappointed me was the packaging, I think the white plastic makes it look a little cheap and I'd rather spend the money on a MAC lipstick for the price... but that's just me being picky. I absolutely love the i-glow compact and will use it religiously so it will be worth its money. 

i-glow shimmer compact available here for £22.50
Lipstick available here for £15


  1. I love CID cosmetics. I have a pink lipstick like this and two glosses that both have mirrors and lights on the outside.

  2. Loving the blush...what a stunning shade!!

  3. That lipstick is such a gorgeous shade! I agree with you though, I'd rather spend the money another brand such as MAC, but it's probably only because this brand isn't as heard of yet.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. I have never heard of this brand before but the blush an lippie look gorgeous X

  5. The colours are gorgeous, I love that the lipstick has a light built in!xx

  6. Not heard of that brand before but the lipstick and shimmer powder look really nice Xx


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