Monday, 27 February 2012

Glam Shine Diamant- Pink Carat

I blogged a few weeks ago showing you Loreals' Glam Shine Diamant lipgloss in a nudey brown colour (see here). Well I decided to pick up another colour, Shade 165 Pink Carat. I'm a sucker for pink lips so this colour really appealed to me.

Shade 165 Pink Carat

Super shiny and full of sparkle

No flash


Miserable poser

I really love the Glam Shine Diamant lipglosses. They are so soft to apply and not greasy or sticky. I really hate lip glosses that feel heavy or tacky on the lips but this is perfect. It glides on nicely with the heart shaped applicator and lasts ages. 
I really want to pick up more shades, I've got my eye on Coral Carat.

Boots only have the two shades I've shown you (nude carat and pink carat) at £7.69 each, but Direct Cosmetics sell 6 different shades (excluding pink carat) at only £2.99 each. 

Available from Boots here or from Direct Cosmetics here.

If you have tried any of the other shades please let me know, I'd love to see them.


  1. i love this shade, these lipglosses are so nice, i have two of the fresher colours, they keep your lips so moisturised :)

  2. wowww what a baeutiful color really suits you
    Awesome post
    very nice blog im following you follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

    1. Ahh thanks SadeeStyle, will check out your blog now :-) x

  3. Wow very sparkly, love the pink colour on you! Xx


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