Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My MRI scan

Totally not a beauty or fashion related post but thought I'd update you on the latest news regarding my neck.
I was feeling a little anxious this morning as I didn't really know what to expect. I'd seen MRI scan photos on Google but going inside the machine was still pretty daunting. I'm not claustrophobic by any means but terrifying images of 'Final Destination' type scenes kept popping into my imaginative little head.
As far as I was aware I'd have to strip off and wear nothing but a gown for my scan but surprisingly I was wrong. I could wear my own clothes, minus a bra and jewellery (metal effects the scan). Mr scan man taped a cod liver oil capsule to my neck so he knew exactly where to scan then I lay on the bench with my head in a sort of vice, I was then given earplugs and my head was secured with soft cushion pieces. Mr scan man gave me a little rubber ball thingy to hold and told me to give it a squeeze if I wanted to get out, at this point I got a little nervous, why would I want to get out? A plastic cage type lid was put over my face and I noticed a little mirror just above me. This was to give me something to look at whilst in there, it showed me the window where mr and mrs scan people were working... Fun!
I was pushed into the machine on my little bench, silently shitting my pants, then there was silence. I understand now why I was asked if I'm claustrophobic, it is so enclosed in there, you literally can't move.
After about 15 minutes of loud banging, whizzing and other noises which resemble a computer printer it was finished. My bench was pulled out and I was allowed to go. All I have to do now is wait for my appointment with the ear nose and throat specialist to go over the scan results and determine what to do next. The appointment isn't until may 16th, that's the earliest they could get me in! I hate waiting, the next few weeks are going to be pants!

Holli x


  1. Your so lucky you only had to be there 15 minutes! I had an MRI scan and let me tell you it was the worst 45 minutes of my life! lol!
    hope everything goes well for you!<3


    1. Omgosh 45 minutes?! I think I definitely would have pushed the squeezy thing to come out! X

  2. Oh my god this sounds terrifying but then I can't go in a lift without having a mini panic! Waiting for results is the worst, hope it doesn't go too slow for you :) xx

    1. I don't like lifts either, I always think they're going to get tuck and no one will know lol! X

  3. hope everything is okay/goes okay sweets! <3

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. Hope everything is ok and well done for the scan.. my dad had to have one and literally had to come out a good number of times before he could actually stay in there for the full amount of time - ive heard theyre awful.. i think i would struggle not to panic! eek! xx

  5. It is pretty normal to feel anxious when you undergo an MRI scan. Some patients, especially first-timers, do not know how to act or move. It is best to talk to your doctor before you undergo this test, so he can explain what you should do and what to expect. If you are on the scanning room, try to relax your body and mind to hasten the process.


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