Saturday, 14 April 2012

The best natural looking tan EVER!

Awhile back I won a set of tanning products from the Bronze Ambition range. It has taken me months to get round to trying out their "natural look tanning cream" as I like to use up what I already have first.

I absolutely LOVE this tanning cream. It beats my Fake Bake, Laurens Way and St Moriz hands down.
I was a little dubious when applying as it is completely colourless so you cant see where you are rubbing it in. It had a lovely smell, like made me want to eat it!

I applied it before bed using a mitt and when I woke up in the morning (with clean sheets!) I had a lovely, even, golden tan. I was so impressed! It had even taken to my shins, which most fake tans don't. 
I applied a second layer the following night as I like my tans to be quite dark, and again the next morning I woke up lovely and golden. What makes this cream even more amazing is its lasting power. I have found a lot of fake tans don't last very long on my skin, after a few days they have faded. This one stayed put for over a week!

I have already used up the 100ml bottle so purchased the 150ml size (shown above).
For £2.99 this is an absolute bargain!
If you like your really dark, obviously fake looking tans then this cream isn't for you, but if you want a golden, natural looking glow then go buy some right NOW!

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake, natural look tanning cream is available here from £1.99

Have you tried anything from the Bronze Ambition range?


  1. I just got a TON of these in a goodie bag from a blogger meet-up I've just been to. Looking forward to trying them out :) I've had a sniff of them and they smell amazing!

    Frances xx

    1. Oh you're so lucky Frances, I hope you blog about it once you've given it a try :-)

  2. Literally just ordered this because of your review! I use St Moriz and Laurens Way and love them, and since you said its better, i oculdn't wait to try it! Thankyou xx

    1. You won't be disappointed Amy :-) let me know what you think when you've given it a try x


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