Monday, 23 April 2012

My blog package swap

A few weeks ago I signed up to take part in a blog package swap over at Island Girl Insights. I was assigned a swap partner who was the lovely Viki from Little Owl's Blog.
I have been so looking forward to receiving Viki's parcel and was over the moon when it arrived today, so much in fact I took pictures right away and uploaded within minutes! Me and my daughter Lily had lots of fun trying out all the goodies I'd been sent...

When I opened my package I was greeted by cute little note and a lovely scent, I think she may have squirted it with perfume, not sure what exactly but it was lovely :-)

Inside my box was some Chinese koala biscuits, a handmade necklace, Max Factor flipstick colour in shade  30- Gipsy Red, Gosh nail polish in shade 540- Ocean, a cute little crochet bow (not pictured) and a bag full of Chinese sweets!

Strawberry cream filled biscuits, nom nom.

Possibly the nicest little biscuits I've ever had!


Clockwise from top left- Haw Flakes (this is like a little roll thinly sliced, tastes perfume-ish at first but then fruity, crispy and strange but still nice!), White Rabbit (I am so thrilled to have recieved these! When I was in primary school I had a Chinese friend who used to bring me sweets every now and again, we would sit in the bushes at playtime and eat them all, these were my favourite! They taste exactly as I remember, yummy!) Grape flavour marshmallow thingy (Its a soft marshmallow with a gooey fruity centre, odd but tasty. I cant make out the name, theres no English except "Grape flavour") 

Viki made this herself, so cute.

Closeup of the GOSH nail polish. Lovely shade, me down to a tee!

Another handmade item by Viki herself. Such a talented lady. I love how unique this is, I've never seen a piece of jewelery like this before.

Thank you for my items Viki, I love them all :-)

Have you ever taken part in a blog package swap before?


  1. I'm so glad you liked everything!!! :) And yes I did spray a little perfume in the box! It's Insolence by Guerlain. The haw flakes are strange aren't they! My friend Amy, who's Chinese, actually recommended them. I can't work out if I like them or not! I will put up a post about yours later today! :)

  2. Those biscuits look so cute! Never took part in a blog package swap, it looks so fun to do though!xoxo

  3. I used to love those White Rabbit sweets when I was little! I'd forgotten all about them and now I want some :( haha

    Frances xx

  4. I took part in the swap too! I'm doing it with someone from the US, I sent my box to her on Friday and I'm hoping she likes what I got for her! I've tried those biscuits before, they are yummy :) x

  5. I've never done a blog swap before, looks fun though. You were sent some lovely things, love the colour of the nail polish :) xx

  6. Ooh this is so cute! Loving the little biscuits!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. wow what an awesome gift box! Those little biscuits are to die for haha x

  8. Aww you got some fab things in you swap package! I love those koalas :) xxx


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