Saturday, 1 September 2012

My absence

To say I have been M.I.A lately is an understatement! I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. I have excuses though, we have moved house, spent ages decoration and last wednesday I had my long awaited operation. All went well and I am recovering at home with the help of my mum, sister and husband. I am very swollen and sore and very fed up to be honest. I hate sitting around doing nothing, it's driving me insane. Hopefully I will be okay for next Sunday as I am off to Twickenham to see Lady GaGa! I am unbelievably excited.
We still haven't got our computer set up at the new house but as soon as it is (and i'm fully recovered) i shall be back to blogging more regularly. Until then I shall leave you with a lovely pic of my neck... Nice.

Holli x


  1. Hope you feel like yourself soon, and have fun at Lady Gaga!

  2. Ouch!! Wishing you a speedy recovery in time to dance your pants off to Gaga! Wish I was going :) xx

  3. Awk hope you get better soon! I'm sure you'll have fun at the gaga concert. :)

  4. Glad everything is ok at least! Hope you have fun at Gaga and look forward to when you are settled in and writing again.
    Sending you healing vibes.


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