Friday, 18 May 2012

Summer Peep Toe Platform Heels

I wanted to take a better photo of me actually wearing these little beauties before I posted but I'm not feeling very photogenic today so this will have to do.
I have seen these style heels floating around the internet for ages now. Originally I fell in love with the ASOS Bitten heels (see here) but they are sold out everywhere and go for stupid amounts on Ebay.
I searched high and low for a pair in cream but failed so decided to opt for good old black from Daisy Street Shoes.

I bloomin' love 'um!

Quite glad I got black now, they are more versatile.
At only £32 I think they're a bargain and can't wait to wear them.

Summer Peep Toe Platform Heels available here for £32 (and they have other colours too!)


  1. I wanted the Asos Bitten shoes too but these are just as lovely and a nicer price too :) xx

  2. I love these, they are so cute and such a bargain!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. Those are lovely, I love a chunkier heel for day time wear.
    I've only used daisy street once before, but they are great for cheaper prices


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