Friday, 27 January 2012

My first consultation

I had a consultation with MYA (Newcastle clinic) today to get some more information about a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I was greeted by the receptionist who was very welcoming. She offered me a cup of tea and assured me my wait wouldn't be long. As soon as I'd finished my tea I was called in by Julie, my patient co-ordinator. She is here to "guide me though my journey with MYA". She herself has had cosmetic surgery, breast implants. She was so lovely, honest and made me feel at ease. She ran through my paper work and asked me a few questions about my health and body and what I'd like to achieve with surgery. 

I was expecting to find out more about the pricing but apparently the surgeon needs to assess me first to make an accurate decision. Until today I didn't realise how many different types of procedures there was. I am unsure whether I will need a "mini" tummy tuck or a "full one" whether my breasts actually only need an uplift, not implants, or maybe they need both? The surgeon will verify all this with me and Julie shall be there to guide me and help me make decisions such as sizing. I had a good feel of the implants they use and was shown some before and after photos of previous patients, including Imogen Thomas (former Big Brother contestant and most recently in the press for having an affair with Ryan Giggs). Apparently alot of the cast from The Only Way Is Essex have their surgery with MYA, and a few others too although I can't remember them all. 

I  have an appointment with a surgeon called Mario Russo, he has worked on patients as part of channel 4's show Embarrassing Bodies. If I don't feel right with him however I am able to change my surgeon.
I'm looking forward to my next consultation and am eager to find out what surgery is recommended and how much it would be.
I left the clinic after about an hour with a folder tucked under my arm containing lots of information, contact numbers and small print, feeling very positive and excited that I have finally made the first step to getting myself the body I feel I deserve.

I have another appointment at The Hospital Group on Monday but I'm not sure if I will be able to go, it depends if Mr.A can get time off work to take me and look after the children. I hope he can, I really want to get more than just one opinion.


  1. I hope you get the outcome you are looking for! X

  2. After having 3 little ones, gaining and losing weight id really love to get a tummy tuck, also as you can imagine my boobs just are not the same either. Surgery is defo something id consider in the future. Ill be very interested to read your future posts about it. x x

  3. Yes, definitely get a second or third or fourth opinion! Your body is YOUR body and i think its sooo important to feel comfortable with the procedure itself but also comfortable with your surgeon. Hope everything goes great! If you can, visit our blog and follow <3

  4. Thankyou for commenting ladies. x

  5. Aw good luck.. and thanks for your comment.. x


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